KS1 Mini Games

On Thursday 13th July, 16 of our Year 1 children attended the Mini Games event held at Eastwood Academy. It was run by pupils from the Academy who arranged lots of fun activities for the children. They took part in the long jump, a penalty shootout, javelin and an assault course. The focus of the day was to develop core values such as teamwork, honesty, passion, self-belief and respect. The children all represented the school in a fantastic manner; demonstrating excellent behaviour and can do attitudes. Most importantly, they all had lots of fun and had big smiles on their faces throughout! 


KS1 Borough Sports

On Friday 7th July, 20 of our Year 2 children represented the school at the KS1 Borough Sports competition at Garon Park.  Our children were placed 2nd or 3rd in most heats with the boys winning their Relay, which meant that they secured places in the finals for each event.

In the finals for the 10x70m Sprint Relay both the boys and girls teams came 2nd, showing some amazing skills and team work.

We were delighted to receive the cup for 3rd place at the event. Well done Edwards Hall Year 2s - we are all so proud of you!

Southend United Fundraising Penalty Shoot Out

The whole school were invited to take part in a Fundraising Penalty Shoot Out organised by the Southend United Educational Trust. 

The children really enjoyed the day and raised a fantastic sum of £4500 to be split between the trust and our school. On 4th July representatives from Southend United re-visited the children to present them with their certificates and prizes. Well done everyone!


Year 2 Trip to Southend & Seafront

On the 20th June, Year 2 spent a fabulous day at Southend Seafront. They started their day by making their very own pizza lunch, courtesy of Frankie and Bennys and Pizza Express. In the afternoon they visited the Lifeboat station at the pier where the children viewed various crafts, the uniform the crew wear and took part in an engaging question and answer session.

Before returning to school, Year 2 took over a small part of the seafront to complete a traffic survey, a sketch of the pier and of course had some time on the beach with their peers! Throughout the trip, the children conducted themselves with respect for others and represented the school superbly. Well done Year 2 for an enjoyable excursion!

 "The lifeboat talk was really interesting. James and I made notes to help us remember what Nigel told us. We saw a hovercraft and a D boat which was cool." (Rhian)

"The pizza making and tasting was the best. I chose pepperoni for my pizza and I loved it." (Elliott)

"The traffic survey was hard because we had to keep looking up and down so that we could mark on what we had seen." (Cameron)

Year 5 Saxon Workshop

On the 13th June the school hall became the marketplace of a Saxon village. The children learnt more about their topic for this term through a combination of role-play, practical activities and hands on experience with facsimile artefacts.  Children dressed for the theme and we were joined by parent helpers who supported the children througout the day.

Dream Big Week

This week all classes have been working hard as the designers of the future to solve the problems of today. Using all of their science and design knowledge, they have created solutions to rubbish, sea pollution, flooding, the decline of the humble bee, and created the homes and schools of the future. The work culminated in an 'Expo' on Thursday afternoon and we are all so impressed with the critical thinking and teamwork that has gone into their final products.

 NSPCC Assembly

On Monday 27th March the NSPCC visited the school and talked to the children about the different ways we can be hurt and what we can do to make it stop.


"I learned how to stay safe by telling an adult." (Thomas H - BFGs)

"I liked it because I got to learn about feelings." (Abigail S - BFGs)

"I liked that they were telling us how to get the worries out of our life and stop the worries affecting our lives." (Emily T - Pumblechooks)

"If you’re worried about something you can tell Childline and they’re always there for you." (Aamer G - Pumblechooks)

Foundation Stage Lego Workshop

On Wednesday 22nd February the children in Reception had a visit from ‘Team Building Workshops’ linked to their theme ‘The Jolly Postman’. Parents and children spent the afternoon working together to build a Lego town! The children were taught some key elements for building a structure and then each child created a house, garden and then their own choice of buildings, which would form part of the town. The levels of perseverance, team work and creativity were amazing and great fun was had by all!

“It was great to see the children have time to create something they could be proud of and then collectively create the amazing city! It was lovely to have quality time with my child.” (FS Parent)

“I enjoyed watching the children working as a team and using their imagination.” (FS Parent)

“It was great to see all the children working together. It looked great once the whole town was built.” (FS Parent)

“I enjoyed building the castle because my daddy helped me. “ (Archie)

“I liked it when it was done and it made a whole city.” (Eliza)

“We could make something massive or small or wide. I liked making my castle.” (Noah)

Year 2 Cartoon Workshop

This term Year 2 enjoyed their Cartoon Workshop led by Alan Case, a famous cartoonist. Alan has recently worked on the animated film Fantastic Mr Fox and also created the characters Danger Mouse and Count Duckula! As well as creating some great superhero characters with the children, Alan gave the children an insight into the life of a cartoonist. He explained how he constantly reflects on his work, making small improvements and changes as required, which the children took on board when creating their artwork.

The children had the following to say about their morning:

"My character of Bugs Bunny turned out awesomely because I listened to the instructions." (Jess)

"I looked at the detail. I drew carefully so I didn’t make a mistake. I found it challenging." (Thomas)

"I am happy with my picture. It was hard to do but I persevered." (Sam F)

"I compared my drawings and could see how my drawings had got better as the morning went on." (Lexi)

World Book Week - 2016/17

Year 3 - The Witching Hour Big Read

Earlier this term, Year 3 based their English work on Roald Dahl's classic children's novel: The BFG.  They explored the characters, vocabulary, writing style and even the recent movie adaptation.  At the beginning of the story, whilst trying to sleep in her orphanage, Sophie reads her favourite book under her bed covers by torchlight.  She must be careful not to be seen by her carers and, of course, goes on that night to meet the BFG.  Inspired by this scene, Year 3 celebrated World Book Week by sharing their own favourite books and stories with their parents or carers under a blanket by torchlight.  The lights were dimmed and the curtains drawn in the hall to mimic 'The Witching Hour'.  Children snuggled under their blankets to share their stories.

When in need of a break from their books, children were challenged to identify some famous book titles cunningly represented by mystery clues.  Boxes were filled with a range of items including sweets and a bucket (for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) jewels, grey hair and cabbages (Gangsta Granny), all to baffle and challenge the children.  It was a delight to see so many children and adults enjoying literature together and, by the end of the day, thankfully no one had been stolen away to Giant Country!

Sincere thanks goes to all those parents, grandparents and carers who gave their time to the event.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did.

 “It was warm and cosy reading a book under a blanket.” (Darcey)

 “I think it was a good idea to share a book with our parents in school, instead of just at bedtime.  It was fun and comfortable wearing our pyjamas and it made me feel like Sophie from The BFG.” (Abby)

“Once we were under our blankets, we read books with a torch because it was dark in the hall.” (Freya)

“I thought it was really fun because we got to spend time with our parents during school.” (Lois)

“Reading quietly under a blanket meant there was no distractions.” (Amy)

“It was fun to read under a blanket with my Mum.” (Riley)

“The Mystery Box challenge was fun because you had to think about lots of books.  I had read three of them.” (Oliver C)

“I liked doing the mystery boxes.  Mummy and I worked as a team to work them all out.” (Daniel)

 Theme Days - 2016/17

All children from Foundation through to Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in their theme days. Each year group has had a day of interactive and creative learning linked to their curriculum for the term.

Year 2 Theme Day - Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

The Year 2 theme for the Spring term, ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’, is all about superheroes. Children and parents took part in an activity day designed to help motivate and engage the children. As part of the fun, the children and staff dressed to the theme in some very creative superhero and villain costumes.

The children were engaged in their creativity skills by becoming ‘architects’, designing and creating a hideout for a villain. They also used their Science skills to create a nemesis where children mixed Iron Oxide with glue to make ‘magnetic goo.’ These activities were then used as a stimulus for role play and story writing.

Parents joined us for the ‘architect’ session to support their children in making the villain’s hideout/lair. The children really enjoyed the day, practising key skills through interactive and imaginative activities.

“The magnetic goo was magical because it was attracted to the magnet.” (Jess A & Emelia)

“Making the goo was sticky, messy and so much fun!” (Isla)

“I found it really hard to stick the roof on my lair but I kept going and managed to fix it on!” (Florence)

“At first my lair didn’t look good but I worked hard and now it looks fantastic. I am really proud of my work!” (Oscar)

“It was a really fun day at school. The best day ever!” (Lily)

Foundation Stage Theme Day - Let It Snow

The parents of the children in the Foundation Stage were invited in to spend the morning supporting their children in a number of activities themed around the topic ‘Let it Snow’. The activities included making sock snowmen, making words using phonemes on snowflakes, timing how long it took to ‘dress an adult’ for winter, making ice capes or crowns and making ice cream! All the activities were designed around the Foundation Stage curriculum and to show how this can be taught in a practical and fun way! We had an amazing turnout and positive comments about the day from both children and parents.

“We had great fun and really think the kids found it fun and interesting too. Great activities!” (FS Parent)

“I enjoyed spending the morning in the school environment with my daughter, learning together and enriching her education.” (FS Parent)

“I enjoyed watching and assisting the children in making many different tasks. A lot of thought had been put into the different workstations.” (FS Parent)

“I enjoyed making ice cream and eating it.” (Lily-Jane)

“ I liked dressing up as a snowman and making the cape.” (Jack)

“I liked putting the rice in a sock to make a sock snowman.” (George)

Year 3 Theme Day - Ancient Greeks

Dressed in everything from togas to Hoplite Soldier armour, the children immersed themselves in our Greek Theme Day.  The hall became an Athenian Agora for the day with various stalls making authentic Ancient Greek artwork, medicine and pottery amongst others artefacts.  Through the scented aromas of the medicinal spices and fragrant oil burners, the children learnt of the important events of the time such as approaching invading armies and suspicion of sabotage.  In the afternoon, the children enthusiastically and creatively took on their roles as either performers or slaves.  As the audience was treated to  readings of poetry, demonstrations of military might and  beautiful Greek dancing, slaves tirelessly provided authentic cuisine including sweet cakes, dates, figs, olives and feta cheese.  Great thanks goes to those parent helpers that provided their assistance throughout the day and to those that came to share the afternoon’s celebrations.

"I learned how to make charms, Greek pottery and wax tablets.  I also learnt what Athenians did during wars.  I enjoyed acting as a solider and loved the wrestling." (Cruz)

"We made charms and pots.  My favourite item to make was the mosaic.  I enjoyed being a slave and giving out the food." (Georgia)

"We needed to bow to the Gods to thank them after making things at the market." (Jokubas)

"I enjoyed it when Ethan and Jokubas got their toes chopped off!" (Teddy)

Year 6 Theme Day - Around the World in 80 Days

For our Year 6 Theme Day, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, Montagues and Capulets classes had the opportunity to experience a range of activities with their parents, linked to different countries from around the globe. They tasted exotic food (with varying degrees of success!), enjoyed an African drumming workshop, cooked breads from different countries, sewed national flags, completed a quiz and even had the chance to see how far away they could get from their teachers in 24 hours by using a range of transport and the corresponding timetables! In addition, the children had the opportunity to come dressed in the traditional clothing of a country of their choice – some of the costumes were amazing! We had a great morning and would like to thank all of the parents who came and made it so enjoyable!